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Centrals Districts icon Sonny Morey joins SA Football Hall of Fame

Sonny Morey, an esteemed figure in South Australian football and a prominent name associated with Central Districts in the SANFL, made history as the first Bulldog to secure a win in league football after the club's entry into the competition in 1964. A remarkable journey in the sport spanning 13 years and 213 appearances for Centrals, Morey achieved significant milestones, including winning a club best and fairest, representing his state, and making a lasting impact on the annals of South Australian football.

Morey's recent induction into the South Australian Football Hall of Fame, as part of the 2023 inductees during the Magarey Medal awards night in Adelaide, is a testament to his remarkable contributions to the sport. Hailing from a challenging background as a proud Arrente man and a member of the Stolen Generations, Morey faced hardships and trauma in his early life but persevered, leaving an indelible mark on the football field.

Born at Yambah Station near Alice Springs in 1945, Morey vividly recalled the traumatic event of being forcibly taken from his family at a young age. Despite the difficulties he encountered, Morey's dedication to football and resilience allowed him to carve out a place in the history of Central Districts and the broader South Australian football landscape, setting a benchmark for the footy club and inspiring future generations with his remarkable story of triumph against adversity.

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