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$10 million for Aboriginal organisations to Close the Gap

Expressions of interest are currently being accepted from Aboriginal organizations for the upcoming round of Community and Place Grants, aimed at supporting Closing the Gap initiatives with tangible on-ground activities. The first Minns Labor budget, presented on Tuesday, September 19, confirmed a significant allocation of $10 million for these grants. Minister for Aboriginal Affairs David Harris emphasized that Aboriginal-controlled organizations could seek funding up to $250,000 for various endeavors, including new programs, infrastructure, equipment, and vehicles.

This grants program is instrumental as it allows Aboriginal communities to articulate their needs and gain direct access to funding, empowering them to bring about tangible improvements within their localities. The focus is on facilitating collaboration between Aboriginal communities and the government to drive desired outcomes, a pivotal aspect in closing the gap and achieving sustainable progress.

The Closing the Gap NSW Implementation Plan 2022–2024 underscores the commitment to drive significant change across the 5 Priority Reform areas and 17 Socio-Economic Outcome targets defined in the National Agreement on Closing the Gap. The Community and Place grants play a critical role in enabling communities to implement solutions tailored to their specific needs, with $10 million earmarked for the current round.

The application process involves a two-step evaluation:

Stage 1, encompassing the Expression of Interest (EOI) from October 2 to October 30, 2023, focuses on assessing eligibility and alignment with the program. Successful EOI applicants will proceed to Stage 2, the full application phase, from December 4, 2023, to January 29, 2024. Projects funded through these grants must be implemented between July 1, 2024, and June 30, 2025.

Closing the Gap is a top priority for the Minns Labor government. The first Minns Labor government budget delivers $1.5 billion in targeted programs across the whole of government to Close the Gap and empower Aboriginal communities across NSW.

“We know that when Aboriginal people have a direct say on issues that affect them, we get better outcomes, and that is what we intend to do in government,” Mr Harris said.

Details of the grant program can be found at Aboriginal Affairs NSW: Grants

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Photo Courtesy NSW Government

Courtesy NSW Government

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