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Australian Curling Federation Unveils Stunning First Nations Artwork

The Australian Curling Federation (ACF) has recently unveiled its First Nations artwork, crafted by renowned Indigenous artist Brad Hore, a two-time Olympian and Indigenous health worker.

Olympians Tahli Gill and Brad Hore during the design process of the artwork.

This artwork marks a significant milestone in the ACF's commitment to reconciliation efforts and its strategic plan for 2023-2026, symbolizing the unity between the sport of Curling and Indigenous perspectives.

After two years of careful planning and consultation, including surveys and interviews within the Australian Curling community, the ACF sought to capture the essence of Curling while honouring Indigenous narratives. Brad Hore's artwork beautifully reflects this vision, depicting kangaroo and emu footprints symbolizing the connection between sport and country, alongside boomerangs representing growth and community support.

Artist’s description: “The kangaroo and emu footprints line the path that leads the athletes forward, surrounded by the national animals, it connects sport to country, athletes to home. The boomerangs signal growth, growth of the athletes, of the sport and of the growing support. The people and meeting places highlight that the sport is communal, its celebrated and watched by many, but in the main stage, the arena, are the dedicated athletes that showcase their talent, hard work and determination! This painting showcases that the athletes are not alone in their journey and with them is the nation of Australia!”

The unveiling of this First Nations design represents a significant step forward in the ACF's ongoing efforts towards reconciliation and cultural recognition within Australian curling. As teams representing Australia at the upcoming World Championships in April 2024 don the new uniforms featuring elements of this artwork, they proudly honour the rich heritage of Australia's First Nations peoples while demonstrating their commitment to sporting excellence and community unity.

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