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Empowering Indigenous Australians through the Murri Carnival

The Queensland Murri Carnival, an annual event now in its 11th year, transcends being a mere rugby league carnival—it stands as a commemoration of Indigenous excellence, health, and education. Supported by vital partners such as the Arthur Beetson Foundation, Deadly Choices, Health and Wellbeing Queensland, and the Queensland Government, this carnival serves as a platform to encourage Indigenous individuals of all ages to embrace an active lifestyle while emphasizing health and education. Before stepping onto the rugby league field, young players are required to maintain a minimum 90% school attendance rate and undergo health check-ups, underlining the organizers' commitment to a comprehensive developmental approach. It's not just about excelling in sports; it's about nurturing both the mind and the body while embracing Indigenous culture and fortifying the community.

The Queensland Murri Carnival, in collaboration with strategic partners, embraces a broader mission—to empower Indigenous Australians for improved outcomes in health, education, sport, employment, and business development. The objective is to create avenues and frameworks for success, not only in sports but also in various aspects of life. Through sports, this carnival cultivates confidence, resilience, and a profound sense of belonging within Indigenous communities.

The Queensland Murri Carnival seamlessly aligns with the Queensland Government's commitment to promoting active lifestyles and inclusivity, embodying the vision outlined in the 10-year Activate! Queensland strategy, which strives to engage more Queenslanders in physical activity on a regular basis. To catch a glimpse of the vibrant spirit of this year's carnival, be sure to check out our captivating video coverage.

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