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First Nation Designs Illuminate West End Redbacks and SA Scorpions Uniforms

The upcoming domestic cricket season will see a distinctive addition to the uniforms of West End Redbacks and SA Scorpions, as they proudly showcase newly designed shirts featuring First Nation artwork crafted by local artist Steven Warrior.

Steven Warrior, a Narungga, Kokatha, and Kaurna artist, has been closely engaged with the South Australian Cricket Association (SACA) over recent seasons. Notably, he was the creative force behind the artwork for SACA's inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) launched in January.

Elements of the RAP artwork have been seamlessly incorporated into the designs of the Scorpions' WNCL (Women's National Cricket League) shirts and the Redbacks' Marsh Cup shirts.

Key features of the WNCL and Marsh Cup kits include three significant designs:

  1. Footprints: Representing the journey of reconciliation for both the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities within SACA. This journey extends beyond the organization, encompassing all South Australians engaged in cricket. The lines and circles under the footprints symbolize the notable milestones the community is set to achieve in its reconciliation path.

  2. Dark Red Background Lines: Signifying the traditional lands of various language groups in South Australia.

  3. Meeting Places: Three circular meeting places at the center represent SACA's head offices. Accompanied by hands symbolizing SACA's employees' commitment to reconciliation, and cricket's essence represented by three cricket balls for men, women, and junior cricket. Furthermore, a circle embodying SACA's meeting spaces will grace the sleeves of the Redbacks' Sheffield Shield shirts.

SACA's Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Matt Lucas, expressed enthusiasm about the continuation of collaboration with Steven Warrior, praising the integration of his art into the team's attire. He highlighted how Steven's contribution to the RAP artwork led to its transformation into a significant design aspect of the Redbacks' and Scorpions' shirts for the 2023/24 season.

Steven Warrior personally shared the artwork's narrative with the Redbacks and Scorpions players and support staff last week. He acknowledged SACA's role in affording him this opportunity, and his pride in the project was evident. He emphasized that the attire holds a distinct honor, given its perpetual presence throughout the season, in contrast to Indigenous Rounds often observed in various sports for a single round.

Steven Warrior remarked, "SACA is one of the first to wear a First Nations shirt every game, so to be able to be part of that is great for me but it also shows SACA is really leading the way when it comes to Indigenous programs."

As the teams await their new uniforms, Redbacks and Scorpions players recently contributed their old gear to the SACA Inclusive League. This move aligns with the sustainability efforts of the SACA Sustainability Group.

The Scorpions will debut their new shirts during their opening WNCL match against ACT at Karen Rolton Oval on September 22, while the Redbacks will sport their new look during their opening Marsh Cup match against WA at Allan Border Field on September 26.

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