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Inside Darwin's Supercars Evolution and Indigenous Round Growth

The Darwin Triple Crown Supercars Indigenous Round secures a slot on the 2024 Supercars calendar, marking the commencement of extensive plans aimed at evolving the Northern Territory’s premier motorsport event. The commitment to Supercars in Darwin is a long-term endeavor, with aspirations to consistently enhance the Triple Crown event hosted at the Hidden Valley track.

Suzana Bishop, CEO of the Northern Territory Major Events Company (NTMEC), emphasized the pivotal role of Supercars in energizing the Northern Territory's sports scene. Expressing a dedication to craft a distinctive experience, Bishop aims to make Darwin synonymous with a unique Supercars encounter, fostering a one-of-a-kind event that draws enthusiasts specifically to the Northern Territory.

The NTMEC, initially established to organize Supercars, has evolved over time, branching into various sporting genres while maintaining the touring car championship as its core focus. Bishop, a recent addition to the NTMEC team, seeks inspiration from diverse Supercars events to invigorate and reimagine opportunities for the Darwin Triple Crown.

In line with her vision to revitalize the event continually, Bishop emphasizes the need for innovation to meet evolving customer demands. The event's uniqueness, combining drag races, bikes, and car racing, positions it uniquely in the country's motorsport landscape, aspiring to become a hub for motorsport enthusiasts.

Crucially, Bishop underscores the significance of the Indigenous Round, emphasizing its role in fostering partnerships with the Larrakia Nation. This initiative not only educates motorsport enthusiasts about Indigenous culture but also actively encourages the involvement of Indigenous communities in the sport.

While Bishop refrains from unveiling specific details of her five-year plan, she hints at potential collaborations, possibly with the Finke Desert Race in Alice Springs and prospects in Asian motorsport. These aspirations are part of a larger vision aimed at solidifying the Darwin Triple Crown's status as a premier motorsport event, fostering pride among Territorians and creating a lasting impact on the region's sporting landscape.

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Photo Courtesy Auto Action

Courtesy Auto Action

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