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Jason Saab: NRL Star's Daring Leap into Professional Boxing

In a bold career pivot, Jason Saab, the proud Anaiwan man known for his NRL prowess, recently tested the waters of professional boxing. This potential career shift, however, remains contingent upon his aspiration to represent New South Wales in State of Origin—a goal that might alter the trajectory of his sporting pursuits.

Making his debut in suburban Sydney, Saab’s transition to boxing diverged from the grandeur typically associated with high-profile rugby league adversaries' fights. Instead, a few hundred spectators at the Revesby Workers Club witnessed Saab’s victory against Kusitino Sireli, securing a modest payday and marking his inaugural ring triumph.

Reflecting on the fight, Saab expressed mixed sentiments about the victory, emphasizing his gratitude for the win while acknowledging the nature of the outcome. Despite his speed and agility on the rugby field, Saab's foray into boxing underlined his earnestness and determination in embracing this new challenge, beyond mere publicity.

However, Saab's venture into boxing has raised eyebrows, considering the potential risks associated with an athlete of his caliber risking injury. Yet, supported by the strength and conditioning program at Manly, Saab entered boxing as a means to enhance his physicality on the football field, aiming for a more impactful presence during games.

Saab's deliberate choice to embrace boxing, despite its uncertainties and financial disparities, reflects his personal quest for character development and pushing beyond his comfort zone. His coaches at Manly, including the meticulous Anthony Seibold, saw merit in this pursuit, believing it could positively influence Saab’s physicality in rugby league.

While rugby league remains Saab's primary focus, the prospect of extending his boxing career beyond his NRL contract expiration cannot be dismissed. With a goal to secure a State of Origin spot and an unwavering commitment to becoming the best athlete possible, Saab's journey may yet see a fascinating intersection of boxing and rugby league in his future.

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