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Rising Indigenous Football Stars with a Shared Passion for the Matildas

In the Glover household, the love for the Matildas, Australia's women's national football team, runs deep, and it's a passion that has been cultivated over nearly a decade. The household's three Wiradjuri 16-year-olds, Laini, Hailee, and Bridie Glover have been avidly following the Matildas' journey, each with their favourite players and an unshakeable desire to emulate their heroes.

These triplets, however, are more than just ardent fans; they are emerging Indigenous talents in their own right. They have showcased their skills in the statewide Indigenous NAIDOC Cup and have become promising players in the New South Wales National Premier Leagues 2 competition, representing South East Phoenix youth.

Their passion for the game transcends watching it on television or from the couch in their South Coast home. In their front yard, framed by apple trees and a garage door for goals, these young talents honed their skills, with the lounge room window serving as a makeshift grandstand. The dedication to their craft led them to the regional football hubs in Sydney, where they continue to shine on the pitch.

While they share a remarkable bond as fraternal triplets, their unity becomes even more evident on the field. On game days, they are not just teammates but also supportive siblings, offering encouragement and camaraderie. Their positions on the field complement each other seamlessly, with Bridie in defence, Laini in midfield, and Hailee leading the attack.

Their identical appearance occasionally confuses opponents, leading to strategical placements on the field to ensure their coach can differentiate between them. Despite the challenges and early morning drives their parents endure to support their football journey, these triplets remain steadfast in their commitment to the game and to each other. As they rise together as one Phoenix in the competitive realm of Australian regional football, their future in the sport looks promising and united.

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