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The Brand Builders First Nations Athlete Scholarship Program Launched

Introducing the Athlete Brand Mentoring Scholarship Program, brought to you by The Brand Builders, offering a unique opportunity for First Nations athletes over 17 years of age. The program aims to provide Athlete Brand Education to sports organizations globally and is excited to extend its support to First Nations athletes, providing them with a chance to build their brand and thrive in the world of sports.

This year, the program is offering 3 scholarship placements, each designed to offer personalized guidance and mentoring to the selected athletes. Through 4 one-on-one mentoring sessions, conducted in a culturally safe online environment, the program will help athletes in various ways. Participants will learn to identify their personal brand, effectively communicate their uniqueness with confidence and purpose, and create authentic and engaging social media content that brings their brand to life.

The Athlete Brand Mentoring Scholarship Program also empowers athletes to explore their interests in areas such as social media, networking, sponsorship, and growing their profile. Participants will be encouraged to carry a message that matters to them and become known for something meaningful. The program also equips athletes with valuable insights on leveraging their brand, including opportunities such as paid speaking engagements, sponsorships, and ambassador roles.

First Nations athletes, competitive and over 17 years of age, are invited to apply for this scholarship. Whether at the beginning of their brand-building journey or seeking 1-1 support to advance further, all applicants are welcome. The selection process prioritizes athletes' dedication, passion, and commitment to building an authentic brand, rather than their social media following or medal count.

Selected participants will benefit from 4 confidential one-hour online mentoring sessions, allowing them to tailor the pace and frequency of their sessions to their needs. Additionally, they will receive 12 months of membership to The Brand Builders' online courses, offering a wealth of tips, resources, and videos on brand development, social media, public speaking, and more. As a tangible achievement, athletes will receive an official certificate celebrating their successful completion of the program.

The Brand Builders strongly believes in the significance of reconciliation, and the Athlete Brand Mentoring Scholarship Program is one of the ways they seek to contribute value. By empowering First Nations athletes with the knowledge and skills to build their brands and connect with opportunities beyond sports, the program aims to enhance athletes' confidence and clarity, paving the way for sustained success in their athletic careers and beyond.

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Photo Courtesy The Brand Builders

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