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Unveiling the Remarkable Achievements of Aboriginal Victorians

The Andrews Labor Government has issued a call for nominations to acknowledge the exceptional work and accomplishments of Aboriginal Victorians, both in historical and contemporary contexts, in recognition of their valuable contributions to the state of Victoria.

The nominations are now open for the prestigious Victorian Aboriginal Honour Roll, a formal platform designed to honour and appreciate Aboriginal individuals who have significantly enriched their communities and the state as a whole.

Since its establishment in 2010, the Honour Roll has proudly acknowledged 139 exceptional Aboriginal people for their remarkable contributions across a wide spectrum of fields. These fields encompass areas such as health, education, justice, sport, the arts, community leadership, and military service.

The Honour Roll inductees represent a diverse array of individuals originating from various regions across the state and spanning different periods throughout history. Among the inductees are illustrious singer-songwriters, Uncle Archie Roach AM, and Ruby Hunter, renowned for their remarkable talents and contributions to the arts.

Additionally, the Honour Roll recognizes the immense contributions of artist and activist William Barak, who played a vital role in founding and sustaining the self-sufficient Aboriginal community of Coranderrk near Healesville during the nineteenth century. Another notable figure is William ‘Bill’ Onus, an activist, entrepreneur, and theatre producer, who is believed to be the first Aboriginal filmmaker and has been recently featured in the documentary, Ablaze.

Furthermore, Aunty Geraldine Atkinson, the former Co-Chair of the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria, receives well-deserved recognition for her instrumental role in negotiating the necessary Treaty elements that laid the groundwork for Treaty negotiations in Victoria between 2019 and 2022.

The forthcoming 2023 inductees will have their personal narratives added to the Honour Roll, which is prominently displayed in the Victorian Parliament. Minister for Treaty and First Peoples Gabrielle Williams emphasized the significance of the Victorian Aboriginal Honour Roll as a platform to celebrate the dedication and determination of Aboriginal individuals throughout the state, highlighting their contributions towards shaping a brighter future for all Victorians.

“I encourage Victorians to nominate an Aboriginal community member they know who has made a difference – whether in the past or today – and have their leadership, achievements and contribution to the community formally recorded for future generations.” said Minister Williams.

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Photo Courtesy The National Tribune

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