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Winter Olympian Bree Walker Showcases First Nations Inspired Gloves in Winter Sports Competitions

Winter Olympian and AIS Share a Yarn ambassador Bree Walker has added a unique piece of apparel to her winter kit as she competes in monobob and bobsleigh across the world. She now sports First Nations-inspired gloves, which were created by Olympic boxer and Share a Yarn mentor Brad Hore.

For Walker, it was important to wear something that represented all Australians around the world who were pursuing their sporting passion.

"As part of the AIS Share a Yarn program I have learnt so much about Indigenous culture, how important inclusion is in sport and heard from many Indigenous athletes about their journeys.

"I loved hearing from Brad Hore and how as a boxer he sacrificed a lot to live away from home for his Olympic dream.

"I could really relate to that and asked Brad and the legends at XTM Performance if we could create gloves that connects all traveling Australians to our home no matter where we are in the world," Walker said.

Walker was inspired by Hore's story of sacrifice and asked if they could create gloves that connect all traveling Australians to their home, no matter where they are in the world. Hore, who discovered his love for art during the pandemic, designed the gloves to represent the coming and going, the spirit and connection to home and country.

"The story on the gloves represents the coming and going, the spirit and connection to home and country," he said.

"The kangaroo footprints lead us home, the icon of Australia, it’s our countries strength and resilience when we work in a mob.

"Each meeting space is one on country and one shared with another country, but it is the representation of a home away from home, surrounded by our connection to those we call 'Aussies'.

"The lines show no matter where we are in the world, a tie connects us to where we have been and where we are going, it’s the dream and the journey that connects us all."

As one of 10 athlete ambassadors in the AIS Share a Yarn program, Walker has had the opportunity to connect with First Nations communities and learn about differing cultures, lands, histories and people within them. The program aims to create understanding and inclusivity within the sporting industry.

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Photo courtesy of Chris Hocking / OWIA

Courtesy Australian Sports Commission

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